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    • 3 – Months Online
    • 2 – Workbooks
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NCLEX Virtual Trainer

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NCLEX Focus Questions

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Yes even as repeat-testers, ReMar Nurses are passing NCLEX and getting their license using the NCLEX Virtual Trainer. The goal of the Virtual Trainer is to get in, follow your calendar, and get your license! You'll have a full 3-month period of access with your initial subscription prior to renewal.


#1 Resource for New Graduates & Re-testers

ReMar helps more repeat-testers than any other nursing review! Whether this is your first-time or nineteenth time taking NCLEX we'll help you focus in on the core-content and get your nursing license in the next 3-6 weeks!

We asked 15,000 repeat-testers 'What resources have you previously used before failing NCLEX?'

See what they used below and why ReMar is different. Hint: It's all about the content!

See What 15,000 Repeat-Testers Used Before Studying with ReMar!
Uworld - 26%
Saunders - 20%
Kaplan - 18%
ATI - 12%
Other - 14%
Hurst - 10%
What can we learn here?

UWorld is a solid resource for NCLEX practice questions with highly developed rationales.

It's great for questions but lacks and organized lesson plan.

Imagine going to school and instead of a lesson plan the teacher only asks questions!

Does this mean you shouldn't study with UWorld or other NCLEX question banks?

For best results, we recommend studying your content through the NCLEX Virtual Trainer first and then selecting a QBank for additional questions as your Authorization To Test (ATT) and your scheduled NCLEX test dates approach!

Let's look at the other side!

Let's look at Saunders. Sometimes when preparing for NCLEX students tend to take on too much at once. Saunders on the other hand is a very thorough NCLEX resource and highly recommended as a reference book.

It becomes an issue when you try to take this in-depth detail and apply it all to NCLEX.

When you're dealing with stress and anxiety, too much information can be difficult to process and overwhelmed when you don't know exactly what content is important to know for NCLEX.

With ReMar we've streamlined everything to get you both challenging questions and the content you need to know in order to pass NCLEX!

Nurse Regina M. Callion MSN, RN

"If a review isn't working for you, it's time to do something different!"

How Does ReMar Compare?

The ReMar Review for NCLEX® Virtual Trainer includes the NCLEX-VT Student Workbook & Quick Facts for NCLEX to help optimize your study experience and deepen your connection with the written content-based material. See how ReMar compares to other NCLEX review products!



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8-16 weeks

6-12 weeks








Regina MSN, RN 



















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brittney kinnon

Passed NCLEX on my 1st Attempt

I bought the ReMar Quick Facts and it was remarkable! I understood things that was very hard for me in school. Just recently took my NCLEX and I passed on the first try!!!!!!!! What a great investment it is! Thank you!

Brittney Kinnon
nurse carline USRN

ReMar is Amazing

The world is watching ReMar and I’m so glad to be a part of it. I passed my NCLEX! If you don’t pass the test once, don’t give up, focus on the content and if I can do it everyone can do it!

Nurse Carline, USRN
nurse keewani USRN

Tired of Doing Questions

I paid an online NCLEX Review program that cost me so much and was only doing questions! I was tired. I ordered ReMar's program and fell in love with because Regina focused on the content! I passed NCLEX with ReMar on my second attempt as an international nurse!

Nurse Keewani, USRN
Nurse Sherlett, USRN

Husband said get the package

I’m an international nurse from Jamaica…Whoa! I failed NCLEX but my husband told me to get Regina’s NCLEX package! I followed ReMar Review to get as much as a could and guess what I PASSED!

Nurse Sherlett, USRN
valeria kay staples rn

Studying with ReMar is Addictive

LOVE IT!!! Regina breaks everything down so well it makes it addicting and so much more retainable! I never thought I would pass NCLEX but I did!

Valerie Kay Staples, RN
Lynette Simms, RN

Nothing is Better than ReMar

No other NCLEX review can touch the power of ReMar! It’s most definitely the best created. I am a repeat-tester and tried THREE other NCLEX reviews and failed but I passed with ReMar!

Lynette Simms, RN
maricar verzosa USRN

I passed my NCLEX-RN in 75 Questions with the ReMar! I’m a foreign nurse (Philippines), YES English is my second language, it’s easy to understand.

Maricar Verzosa, USRN
lennethea miller LPN

I love ReMar Quick Facts. I’ve been studying for 8 weeks…from the first page to the very last page. I took my NCLEX Monday and passed with 85 questions.

Lennethea Miller, LPN

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