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Welcome to your new NCLEX Virtual Trainer Question Bank created to give you a better and more affordable option for studying NCLEX style practice questions to help you prepare for NCLEX! Get started now or watch your question bank tutorial video below to see how to best use this resource.

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Question Bank

Key Question Bank


1,200 + Content-Based Questions

  • Personally curated by the #1 Instructor Regina M. Callion MSN, RN
  • Provides the ability to select RN and LPN subjects and lessons
  • 100-question self-assessment available with select packages

Detailed & Accurate Rationale

  • Our rationales focus only on the core-content
  • Our rationales are detailed to give added depth
  • Boost knowledge gained by students in the NCLEX Virtual Trainer.

Builds Confidence

  • Helps identity areas of weakness for continued study before testing
  • Designed to look and feel like the real NCLEX exam
  • Vetted to ensure questions are not more difficult than NCLEX exam

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Remember to use the Virtual Trainer for content and the Qbank for questions!

Why Study with ReMar?

Because Accuracy Matters

Pass before you test with the ReMar Nurse QBank!

Newest Questions!
  • Updated question types based on the NCLEX test plan.
Content-Based Rationales!
  • Stop trying to memorize rationales and start learning content! Our rationales are uniquely powerful because we focus on teaching you exactly what you need to know. With the NCLEX Virtual Trainer for content and the ReMar Nurse QBanks you have exactly what you need in order to pass your nursing boards even as a repeat tester!
Critical Thinking!
  • Client education and critical thinking reminders.
Customizable Exams!
  • Our testing system is programmed by you the student, study what you want, when you want, and where you want!
Time Saving!
  • Don’t spend your time doing 75 – 100 questions per day. With the ReMar Nurse Question Bank for the NCLEX Virtual less is more because we narrow in on the core-content!
  • Your nursing license is the best professional investment that you can make! We know how much it means to you so we want to make it easy and affordable for you to get in and get your nursing license!

Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  How many questions are included?

The minimum number of questions is 1200, however, we are adding new questions daily!

2. How are the questions organized?

The questions are divided into the following subjects:

RN Question Bank – Management of Care, Cultural Competence, Clinical Math, Basic and Effective Care Environment, Maternal and Newborn Health, Mental Health, Pharmacology, Fundamentals, Critical Care, Case Studies, Medical-Surgical, Child Health

PN Question Bank – Maternal and Newborn Health, Fundamentals, Pharmacology, Coordinated Care, Cultural Competence, Clinical Math, Medical-Surgical, Mental Health, Child Health, Basic Care, and Effective Environment.

The questions are further divided into the following lessons:

RN Question Bank-Neurology, Pediatric Concepts, General Pharmacological Concepts, Safety and Infection Control, Endocrine, Respiratory, Legal Aspects, Delegation and Assignment, Genitourinary, Oncology, Integrated Concepts, Psychiatry, Medical-Surgical, Cardiology, Anti-diabetics, Prioritization, Dermatology, Musculoskeletal, Cultural Considerations, Adult Health, Antibiotics, Conversion Factors, Dosage Calculations, Pediatric Nursing Concepts, Antepartum, Postpartum, Analgesics, Basic Care & Comfort, Critical Care Concepts, Cardiovascular, Neurology, Legal Aspects

(PN has all the same subjects except Critical Care Concepts)

3. What question formats are in the question bank?

The Virtual Trainer question bank presents questions in the following formats: Multiple-choice, Exhibit, Fill-in-the-Blank, Ordered-Response, Select All That Apply.

4. Is the Question Bank computer adaptive?

No, they are not computer adaptive, they are customized by the student for more in-depth studying.

5. Is there an assessment of performance?

Yes! Each question bank subscription will include a self-assessment of 100 questions to determine core nursing content competency. Students can use this information to further guide their studying and determine and appropriate NCLEX test date.

6. What if I need an explanation about a rationale?

The question bank will provide detailed rationales for both the correct and incorrect options.

Private tutoring, training, and interpretation of rational and test results are not included with the purchase of the question bank.

Please read the rationale that is provided for each question answer. Also, feel free to research the question’s reference resource at the bottom of the rationale to further develop your understanding.

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